Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The visitor that has come now...

Well, in my new house for a bit over two months and all I can say is God loves sending us some friends! The day after we got here a very pregnant cat showed up. A week or so later she dropped kittens literally on my newly layed kitchen floor...SIGH... Her and her little babies as cute as they were found a lovely new home at the cat rescue. It was amazing to see that though. We have come across cool frogs we never saw in Indiana and even caught a sticky frog in my daughters bedroom. We have seen bugs we never saw and the biggest butterflies ever. I never realized how big they got LOL. A tree crashed through my roof and broke my lovely rule about nature staying outside. Grasshoppers longer than my finger. Nature is loud here in my opinion. I am still amazed a colony of ants brought down a huge tree. Another cat has showed up this one bearing a strange likeness to my own cat Little Bit except it is a girl. Nothing compares though to what we found in the barn today. A gopher tortoise. A big one too and if my research has paid off I know he is a he and he is also a protected species in these parts. Owning one of these hefty guys can get you a fine of up to 5,000. He will surely not become a pet. I will say my children are really liking the nature here though. We miss Indiana but we have seen some really cool stuff.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wedenesday

for additional photos including tree removal click here!

Friday, September 17, 2010

This is our set up for workboxes

We have yet to use the workbox system but this is what I have created and I feel it will work for me. I have never read Sue's book just took ideas from other great blogs and the workbox yahoo group. This was made to fit our life style basically and because there is no way I could find spots for 36 boxes at 12 per kid!! The set up is simply each child has a file box with 12 file folders and a basket for the stuff that does not fit. The each have an assignment folder with assignment cards that I got from some notebooking site years ago! The cards are laminated and I will write their work on them each day. I plan on making some fun cards and such when I have the time and the ink that I seem to run out of constantly. The colored canvas bags you see are that childs supplies for Artistic Pursuits and they happen to fit there nicely so that is there spot. The pictures on the front of their boxes are their check in check out cards as well so they know when they are working and when they are done. Feel free to click on the pic link for further pictures with details.

Our first week of school! Monday Sept 13

Our first week back YAY!!!!! We started off pretty slow so we didn't overwhelm ourselves too much. We started out doing the first week of Animal Worlds by Winterpromise with Skyler and CLE math. The boys started with Sea and Sky by Winterpromise and Teaching Textbooks for math. Did I mention I love Winterpromise, no bias there but I just adore it and the kids really like it too.

Our back to school party September 11 2010

Mommy made us shulettes. They are a german tradition for a childs first day of school. They are cones filled with little odds and ends. We had blue jello with gummis octopus and fish for breakfast! Yep for breakfast. If you wanna see more pictures of our party and our little odds and ends click here!

My new schoolroom!!

A few pics of my new schoolroom there are alot more here telling what everything is and more details in the captions and all. I love love love my new schoolroom alot! It is so great to have the space back again and a big comfy reading chair plenty of room to move around it is so great!
The geography center
Math and science

The mostly younger type stuff for Skyler

The office part of my school room

Wow new house new state lotsa changes. I have a schoolroom again and BONUS I have an extra little room that we call the office. My computer is no longer shoved in the living room and my school room is no longer a sectioned off part of the dining room!!! Yay me If you would like to see more pictures you can go here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nature Area

I decided to move some stuff around and make a little nature area. We have hermit crabs on the bottom shelf, an empty goldfish bowl, leaves we have pressed as well as a presser, bug habitat lotsa little bug boxes and outside planting toys. I also have a really cool set of labeled rocks and minerals. I figure I will make a nature backpack to go along with it and hopefully some books and do some projects in the Spring. Yes Winter is nature but I hate to be cold.